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History Center Visit


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Jeff Goldblum 


at the
Laguna Woods Village
History Center
A fantastic experience which will astound you!  The Aquadettes (the oldest club in LWV) had an unforgettable and humbling experience (pictures below and on the  page) including a brunch, talks by members and a look at their special exhibit.  The magnificent exhibit (which runs through August and into September) includes videos of past routines, photos and news clippings.  Many items are exhibited in the main room, with older items in the climate controlled archives room. 

Our appreciation goes to Dean Dixon, CEO, Catherine Brian, Communication officer, Kathy Schill, volunteer and especially to Robert Reyes, Director of Exhibits and Social media and a local history preservationist with eye-popping experience! The History Center hours are Mon-Fri 11:00-1:00 or by appointment (949)206-0150.